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Superidag Pet Heating Pad | Winter Blanket Heater for Pets

Superidag Pet Heating Pad | Winter Blanket Heater for Pets

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PAD BED WARMER FOR YOUR PET --- Pet heating pads are suitable for large pets, pets with arthritis, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury. Provides a warm and comfortable place for your pet to sit or sleep in the cold winter.

TEMPERATURE ADJUSTABLE CONTROL --- The temperature can be adjusted in two gears, low gear at 35°C/95°F, high gear at 45°C/112°F, and extra power-off protection function, it automatically shuts off when the temperature is too high, so we suggest you use high temperature heating, please adjust to low temperature for long time use.

CHEWING MANNER OF LOVE---Equipped with silicone protective cover + inner strip on the power cord to prevent the power cord from being damaged and leakage accidents, while keeping the pet from biting the power cord to extend the service life.

SAFETY HEATING PAD FOR DOGS AND CATS --- Durable and waterproof Oxford fabric for long-lasting, comfortable, durable, easy to clean and anti-electric shock (ensure your pet's safety).

WATERPROOF WARM CUSTOM MATS AND GIFT CUSTOM CUPS--- The pet heated pad helps the pet (dog, cat, rabbit, etc.) to stay warm and comfortable when it spends the winter. NOTE: This pet pillow is intended for indoor use only. (It is recommended that buyers do not put them in the same place for a long time and pay attention to the ventilation at the bottom, otherwise the floor or bed will be discolored due to long-term heat.)


Specifications: 45 * 45cm
Fabric: High-quality suede
Effect: 20W
Switch: high, low and off
Carpet: double-sided pu cloth

Package contents:
1x electric carpet




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